The Imams of Aqayid on Mairaj

12/12/2012 20:37


The Imams of Aqayid on ‘Mairaj’


1. Imam al A’zam Abu Hanifa Numan bin Sabit {d.150 A.H} states:


“The Report of ‘Mairaj’ is True {‘Haq’} and the one who does not accept it is an Astray Innovator.” {Al Fiqh al Akbar; 189, along with Imam Mulla Ali Qari Hanafi`s Sharah}

‘Mairaj’ here refer to the Night Journey towards the Heavens; the denier of ‘Isra’ is an Infidel {‘Kafir’} for that necessitates the denial of a clear Ayah on the occurrence of ‘Isra’.


2. Imam Abu Ja`far Tahavi Hanafi {d.321 A.H} states:


“The ‘Mairaj’ is True {‘Haq’}. The Prophet was taken with his body at Night in a state of wakefulness, towards the skies (heavens) and from there to the Heights which Allah Almighty Willed. And Allah Almighty bestowed ‘Karamah’ {Greatness} that He Willed and Revealed which He Willed. Whatever the Eyes Saw, the Heart did not reject it.” {Al Aqidat ul Tahawiya; 160 with the ‘Sharh’ of Ibn Abi Izz}


3. Imam Nasafi Hanafi {d.537 A.H} states:


“The ‘Mairaj’ of Rasul Allah took place in wakefulness with his Body {‘Bi Shakhsihi’} towards the Skies (heavens), and from there to the heights whatever Allah Almighty Willed which is True, Proven with Famous narratives. The denier of this is an Innovator.” {Sharh al Aqayid; 142}


4. Imam Sa’aduddin Taftazani {d.791 A.H} states:


“‘Al Isra’, that is, the Journey from Masjid al Haram to ‘Masjid al Aqsa’ is known to us absolutely, is proven from the Book of Allah. And ‘Al Mairaj’ from the Lands towards the Skies (heavens) is Famous {‘Mashuran’}; and From the Skies (heavens) towards Paradise {‘Jannah’}, or towards the Throne {‘Arsh’} or towards apart from these (other places) is proven from the Lone Narrator Reports {‘Akhbar ul Ahad’}.” {Sharh al Aqayid; 143}


5. Imam Mulla Ali Qari Hanafi {d. 1014 A.H} states:


“If someone denies ‘Mairaj’, we shall see. If he denies the Night Journey {‘Isra’} from Makkah to ‘Bayt al Maqdis’, then he is an Infidel {‘Kafir’}.” {Sharh Fiqh al Akbar; 189}

Compiled by

Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi

Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation

Hyderabad, India.