Prophet Muhammad used to Play with the Moon as a Child!

12/12/2012 20:12


Prophet Muhammad used to Play with the Moon as a Child!



Sayyiduna Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib narrates that he said : “O Rasul Allah! I witnessed a Sign that proved your Prophet-hood and encouraged me to accept your Religion. When you were a child, I saw that you used to play with the Moon from your cradle. Where-ever you used to point with your finger, the Moon used to move accordingly.” The Prophet said: “I used to talk with it and It never used to let me Cry!”


This beautiful and soul-stirring Hadith has been mentioned by Imam Ibn Asakir in ‘Tarikh Madinat al Dimishq (4:360)’ and Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti Shafai’ in ‘Al Khasais al Kubra (1:53)’.


From this Hadith, we come to know:


i. The Moon recognized the Prophet-hood of the Beloved Rasul Allah even before his declaration which shows that the Beloved Muhammad was a Prophet from his birth. He was a Prophet even long before his noble birth as can be ascertained from numerous other Hadiths.


ii. The Moon used to play and cheer the Beloved Rasul Allah and never used to make him Cry or unhappy! Such was its devotion and commitment towards the Beloved Prophet!


iii. It is one of the most beautiful Hadiths which signify the Love and Obedience of Non-living Creatures towards the Beloved RasulAllah!


Translated by

Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi,

Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation