Proof of 20 Rakats of Taravih from the books of Ahle Hadith or Salafiya!

12/12/2012 21:22


Proof of 20 Rakats of Taravih from the books of 'Ahle Hadith or Salafiya!


1. Shaykh Taqiuddin Ibn Taymiya, the Shaykh ul Islam of Wahhabiya- Salafiya or Ahle Hadith writes: “Bayhaqi narrated with a Sahih Isnad {Authentic Chain of Narrators} that the Sahaba in the Period {Khilafat} of Sayyiduna Umar used to offer 20 Rakats of Taravih. In the same way, they used to offer in the periods Sayyiduna Uthman and Sayyiduna Ali .” {Minhaj us Sunnah; 4: 220}


2. Shaykh Ibn Taymiya also writes: “It is proven/ established that Sayyiduna Ubay’ bin Ka’ab used to lead people in 20 Rakats of Taravih and Witr in the month of Ramazan, which almost all People of Knowledge consider as ‘Sunnah’ . Because, he used to offer {lead people} in the presence of all ‘Muhajirin’ and ‘Ansar’ Sahaba and none of them ever objected to it.” {Majmua Fatawa Ibn Taymiya; 1:191 & 2:112 of another edition}


3. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi, the Reviver of Kharijism and Founder of Wahhabiya- Salafiya or Ahle Hadith states: “Verily, Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab commanded a person to lead people in 20 Rakats of Taravih.” {Fatawa Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi : 95}


4. Shaykh Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan Bhopali, another Wahhabi- Salafi/ Ahle Hadith scholar of India, revered by all Wahhabis writes: “The Practice of 20 Rakats of Taravih during Sayyiduna Umar’ time has been considered as ‘Ijma’ {Consensus}.” {Awn ul Bari; V: 4; pg: 307}


5. Mawlvi Sanaullah Amritsari, the Chief scholar of Indian Wahhabiya-Salafiya or Ahle Hadith writes: “It is not good to say to those who offer 20 Rakats of Taravih that they are doing ‘Khilaf e Sunnat’ {i.e. Against Sunnat}. In such matters Differences {‘Ikhtilaf’} is Haram {Prohibited}.” {Akhbar Ahle Hadith, Amritsar; pg: 13; 25th Dec. 1936}


6. The famous Indian Wahhabi/Salafi/Ahle Hadith scholar Mawlvi Waheed uz Zaman in his book ‘Hadiyat ul Mahdi’, page:7 has claimed that the great Muhaddith Imam Ibn Jawzi as his Imam and Guide!


And Imam Ibn Jawzi writes in his famous book ‘Kitab ul Wafa’ that: Sayyid ul Mufassirin Abdullah bin Abbas narrated that: “RasulAllah  used to offer 20 Rakats and Witr as Taravih in Ramazan.” {Kitab ul Wafa; 2: 508}


Similarly, this Hadith has also been mentioned by Shaykh Allama Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehlavi in ‘Fatawa Aziziya; V: 1; pg: 119’ who is also respected and revered by all Wahhabis!


Do the Salafiya or Ahle Hadith claim that they have more Knowledge than their past great scholars like Taqiuddin Ibn Taymiya, Ibn Qayim, Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi and etc.......


Dear Muslims, even the leading scholars of Wahhabiya- Salafiya or Ahle Hadith are stressing and saying that the Taravih Rakats are 20!!!!! But, these modern followers of the Wahhabiya –Salafiya or Ahle Hadith want to further divide the Muslim Ummah and want to promote this Evil Innovation or Biddah of theirs among the Muslims.


The Salafiya or Ahle Hadith are disrupting the peace and unity of the Muslims by starting and promoting new ‘Biddahs’ or ‘Innovations’ in Islam. For the past 1400+ years of Islamic History, Muslims right from the Beloved Prophet Muhammad , the Sahaba, Tabiyin and Tabi’ Tabiyin to the present generation have been offering 20 Rakats of Taravih. But, the Salafiya or Ahle Hadith stubbornly fight bringing a Hadith of ‘Tahajjud’ as proof for their 8 Rakat Taravih!!!!!!


Due to their Ignorance and Satanic Anti Islamic methodology, millions of Muslims suffer and loose the benefits, merits and virtues of 20 Rakats of Taravih. Who is to be blamed for this loss in the noble month of Ramazan? Certainly, those Salafiya or Ahle Hadith who go in extremities to misguide and mislead simple Muslims through their false propagandas that they follow Hadith!


The Wahhabiya – Ahle Hadith or Salafiya should bring clear and explicit Hadiths or the Sayings of Sahaba to prove that the Taravih consists of 8 Rakats and not 20 Rakats, which Insha-Allah, they will never be able to do so!


The Wahhabiya – Salafiya or Ahle Hadith similarly confuse millions of Muslims through their baseless and unfounded myths and mysteries generated and promoted by their scholars and followers in numerous other ‘Aqayid’ {Beliefs and Doctrines} and A’mal {Practices} of Islam. Below are some of their objections regarding 20 Rakats of ‘Taravih’..........


A Strange Case of a Ahle Hadith Scholar!


Shaykh Sanaullah Amritsari, a famous Ahle Hadith scholar of the Indian subcontinent writes in the contents of his 'Fatawa' entitled 'Fatawa Sanaiya' that: "20 Rakats of Taravih is not proven!"; On page 653 of this book writes that some Sahaba have offered 20 Rakats individually, while some have offered 40 Rakats! But, the Congregation was offered of only 8 Rakats!"


Dear Readers, how carelessly Shaykh Sanaullah Amritsari writes that the Sahaba used to offer 8 Rakats when there are numerous Hadiths regarding the noble Sahaba offering 20 Rakats in Taravih with Congregation! And the Hadith in which 8 Rakats have been reported is regarded as 'Muztarib', that is, 'Disordered' in matters of Taravih. We have already quoted so many Hadiths which clearly prove that the Sahaba were in 'Ijma' {Consensus} regarding 20 Rakats of Taravih. Whereas, the report concerning 40 Rakats of Taravih has also been clearly explained in the previous pages!


Answer to a Wahhabi- Salafi Translator


A recent translation of 'Jami Tirmizi' by Abu Khalil (U.S.A) was published by the the Wahhabi publisher 'Dar us Salam' and which was revised by its 'Islamic Research Section.' In this translation, the translator adds a comment under the Hadith of Taravih saying: "<<>>


Dear Readers, just read how this Salafi translator is misguiding the Muslims! When under the Hadith above this comment, Imam Tirmizi clearly states the people of Madinah used to offer 41 Rakats while the rest of the Muslims used to offer 20 Rakats of Taravih! Further, he also states that the Majority of the People of Knowledge among whom included Imam Abdullah bin Mubarak , Imam Shafai' , Imam Sufyan Thawri , all known Huffaz of Hadith practiced 20 Rakats of Taravih! As we have already quoted numerous Hadiths, actions and sayings of the great Sahaba and Tabayin, it must have become clear to you that they practiced 20 Rakats of Taravih, but this Salafi or Ahle Hadith translator says that the Prophet never offered Taravih exceeding 8 Rakats. In a way, he is indirectly attacking the personalities of the Sahaba for offering 20 Rakats! Can we as Muslims imagine Sayyiduna Umar , Sayyiduna Usman , Sayyiduna Ali and numerous other Sahaba opposing the Sunnah of the Beloved Rasul Allah ? Can these Sahaba, even after knowing that the Prophet used to offer 8 Rakats, command others to offer 20 Rakats? Can these Sahaba oppose the Sunnah of the Prophet ? Certainly NO!!! The Sahaba knew what was Sunnah of the Prophet  better than us and therefore offered 20 Rakats of Taravih! This practice of theirs clearly and abundantly proves that it was the Sunnah of the Prophet  to offer 20 Rakats of Taravih!


As regards to 'Allama Bannawri', he is no final authority on Islam and his statement is no proof in matters of 'Shariyah'! When we have presented the Sayyings and Practices of the Sahaba and Tabayin, then what is the status of this Deobandi scholar before the Sahaba? Allama Bannawri, who is a staunch Wahhabi-Deobandi in Aqidah and Hanafi in Fiqh matters, is himself opposing the 'Ijma' of Sahaba and the Hanafiya by his statement! Also, there is no reference provided of this statement that in which book he wrote it!


Moreover, how can Allama Bannawri's statement be given weightage against the practices of thousands of Sahaba, Tabayin, the Mujtahid Imams like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafai, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and others Huffaz of Hadith like like Imam Abdullah bin Mubarak and Imam Sufyan Thawri? This certainly means that the Wahhabi lobby is fooling the Muslims!


Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi