Mashahid al Millah Mufti Mashahid Raza Khan Quadri Razvi Pilibhiti

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Mashahid al Millat

Mufti Mashahid Raza Khan Quadri Razvi

[1351-1419 A.H/ 1932 - 1999 C.E]


Mashahid al Millah, Mufti Muhammad Mukhtar Ali Khan Quadri Razvi bin Imam al Manazirin Mufti Muhammad Hashmat Ali Khan Quadri Razvi Lukhnowi was born in Pili Bhit in 1351 A.H / 1932 C.E. He became famous with his title of Mashahid Raza among the Ahl us Sunnah in the subcontinent. At the time of his birth, his father Imam al Manazirin Mufti Hashmat Ali Khan was in Rangoon, the capital of Burma [Mayanmar] on a religious mission on the invitation of its inhabitants.




Mashahid al Millah grew in an atmosphere of high Islamic learning, apart from his father, his Uncle Mufti al A'zam Mumbai Mufti Mahbub Ali Khan Quadri Razvi [d.1965 C.E] was also an high standing scholars of Ahl us Sunnah.


He started reading elementary Arabic, Persian and Urdu works under the guidance of his father until he mastered them.


Mashahid al Millah was then sent to the famous University of Islamic studies in India, Dar al Ulum Ashrafiya Misbah al Ulum, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh here he studied under


1.Imam al Ulama Hafiz al Millah Mufti Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Ashrafi Mubarakpuri the founder of Jamiya Ashrafiya. [d. 1976 C.E]


2. Ustaz al Ulama Hafiz Abdur Rauf Balyavi [d.1971 C.E]


3 Shaykh Hafiz Qari Muhammad Yahya Mubarakpuri [d.1996 C.E]


Mashahid al Millah was famous for his literary and Logical skills and used to remember long and hard Arabic and Persian sentences.


Baiyah and Khilafa


Mashid al Millah took Baiyah at the hands of his father Imam al Manazirin Hashmat Ali Khan Quadri in the Quadriya Barkatiya Razviya tariqa. He had Khalifah from Qutb al Madina Mufti Ziyauddin Quadri Madani and Mufti al Aza Mustafa Raza Khan Bareilvi in the Quadriya Bareilvi in the Quadriya Barkatiya Razviya tariqa.


Teaching Career


Mashahid al Millah founded al Ulum Hashmat al Raza in Pili Bhit for serving the Religious requirements of its citizens. He taught here for as long as he lived and nowadays his son Shaykh Muhammad Zartab Raza Khan Quadri Razvi is its chief patron.




Mashahid al Millah, Mufti al A'zam Pili Bhit Shaykh Mufti Mashahid Raza Khan passed away in 1419A.H/1999 C.E at Pili Bhit Sharif. The funeral prayer was led by Shaykh al Hadith Mufti Tahsin Raza Khan Muhaddith Quadri Raza Bareilvi and Taj al Islam Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Quadri Bareilvi made supplication [Dua] after the prayers. He was buried in the vicinity of Dar al Ulum Hashmat al Raza.


His younger brother Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Ma'sum Raza Khan Quadri Razvi succeeded him as the Mufti al A'zam of Pili Bhit.


He left behind his younger brothers Shaykh Ahmad Mashud Raza Khan Quadri Razvi, Shaykh Muhammad Idris Raza Khan Quadri Razvi,Shaykh Nasir Raza Khan Quadri Razvi, for the guidance and service of Ahl us Sunnah.


Compiled and Edited by

Basharath Siddiqui Ashrafi.

Ahl us Sunnah Foundation.

Hyderabad, India.