~Falah e Darayn~ Introduction & its Contents

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Falah ~ e ~ Darayn


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Allama Abdul Majid Usmani Qadri Badayuni






Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi


Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation

Hyderabad, India





About the Author

Introduction by the Author



The Chapter pertaining to Beliefs and Doctrines (Aqayid)


Monotheism (Tawhid) & Polytheism (Shirk)

Messenger-ship (Risalat) & Prophet-hood (Nabuwat)

Faith (Iman) & Islam



The Chapter pertaining to Worships (Ibadat)


Prayers (Salah)

Fasting (Sawm)

Annual Poor Due (Zakah)

Annual Pilgrimage (Hajj)



The Chapter pertaining to Mannerisms, Etiquettes & Disciplining One’s Self


Patience (Sabr) & Trust in Allah alone (Tawakkal)

Humbleness (Tawazu’

Piety (Taqwa)

Acquiring Livelihood (Kisb ul Mu’ash)

Contentment (Qina’at)

Intelligence (Aql) & Careful & Thoughtful Decision making (Tadabbur)

Balanced Approach (I’tidal)

Declaring the Truth & Being Truthful, Commanding Good deeds & Preventing Evil deeds (Amr bin Ma’ruf wa Nahi anil Munkar)

Knowledge of Religion (Ilm ud Din) & Merits of Scholars (Ulama)

Obligations of Scholars & Warning on Hiding Knowledge



The Chapters pertaining to Day to Day Activities


Being Merciful & Benevolent

Respect & Reverence for Elderly

Etiquettes of Gatherings (Majalis)

Catering for Unity & Reconciliation between Muslims

Exchange of Gifts & Novelties

Visiting Patients & those in Need

Visiting People on Death of their Relatives

Pledge, Oath and Keeping of Promises

Loving for the Sake of Allah & Hating for the Sake of Allah

The Rights & Duties of Parents

The Rights & Duties of Children

The Rights & Duties of Husband & Wife

The Rights & Duties of Relatives

The Rights & Duties of Neighbours

The Rights & Duties of Caliphs & Rulers

The Rights of Muslims


The Chapter pertaining to Glad-Tidings


The Chapters pertaining to Munzirat


Miscellaneous Hadiths


Author`s Preface



بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

حامدًا ومصلیاً علی النبی الرؤف الکریم


Who does not want seek success in this world and Religion? Who does not wish that every type of Blessings and Goodness be for him? Can any sensible person say that he does not seek and need this success? Certainly No! Verily, the Whole world wishes and seeks Success. Verily, every atom of the world is in the thought to achieve this, but, it has to be judged which is the most correct and clean route to achieve this . And what is the best and excellent path of success, goodness, reward, fruitful in the real sense.


There is no need to provide any proof, nor is there any need to give evidence for it - the only true Path of Guidance {‘Sirat al Mustaqim’}. Guidance is Witness to it, for it is the only straight and illuminated path. That is, following Sayyid al Alam Muhammad RasulAllah .


Yes, Yes, it is our Contention and it is true, real, absolute and eternal Contention that without following Sayyid ul Alaminin there can be no success in our worldly affairs nor can there be any success in Religion and it’s different functions.


Be it Worship {‘Ibadah’}, or Dealings {‘Muamlat’}, be it Manners and Etiquettes {‘Akhlaq’} or Planning a Project or be it Politics. All requires the following of the Leader of the Worlds- May my Soul be Ransom for him and his ‘Excellent Mannerisms.


Be it matters of Statehood or Religion, be it matters of World or Hereafter, be it matters of one`s body or be it matters of one`s heart and Soul, be it related to the apparent or to the hidden actions.


In short, all in States, Actions and Statements it is obligatory to follow the Sunnah and Footsteps of the Master of Madinah.


Therefore, it was important that the Life {‘Sirat’}, Sayings {‘Irshadat’}, Mannerism and Etiquettes {‘Akhlaq and Adaat’} Peculiarities {‘Khasail’}, and Descriptions {‘Shamail’}; and Statements {‘Aqwal’} and Commandments {‘Ahkam’}, Actions {‘Afa’al’} and States {‘Ahwal’} of the Beloved of the Lord, the one with Excellent Mannerisms, the Respected Prophet be present before every Muslim and Mu’min. This Fact led this Faquir to compile a book which would fulfill this necessity and present the clear sayings and teachings of the Prophet and the Sahaba before the general Muslims as regards to their daily national, religious, and worldly affairs. This epistle ‘Falah ul Darayn bi Ittiba’ Sayyid ul Kawnayn’ is the result of this sincere intention which with the Grace of Allah Almighty will be beneficial

 To the Orators for their people,

 To the Preachers for their county men,

 To the Teachers for their students,

 To the Parents for their Children,

 To the Husbands for their Wives,

And will be a means of foresight into their daily affairs.


May Allah Almighty Guide all Muslims to Practice upon these Hadith and reap success and goodness in the two worlds. Amin!



Abdul Majid Quadri Badayuni