Answers to the Objections and Doubts of the Ahle Hadith or Salafiya on 20 Rakats of Taravih!

12/12/2012 21:22


Answers to the Objections and Doubts of the Ahle Hadith or Salafiya!


Q. 1: The Wahhabiya- Salafiya or Ahle Hadith say that Sayyiduna Umar ordered Sayyiduna Ubay’ bin Ka’ab and Sayyiduna Tamim Dari to lead people in 11 Rakats of Taravih based on the Hadith of Mishkat ul Masabih and Muwatta Imam Malik narrated by Sayyiduna Sa’ib bin Yazid . Thus, it proofs that there were 8 Rakats of Taravih.


1st Ans: This Hadith is ‘Muztarib’ {Disordered} and one can not extract proof from such Hadiths. Its narrator is Muhammad bin Yusuf, who in Muwatta narrates 11 Rakats of Taravih, and 21 Rakats of Taravih in Musannaf Abdur Razzakh. Each of his five students narrate contradictory numbers of Rakats of Taravih.

For Details, one may read ‘Fath ul Bari Sharh Sahih al Bukhari’, V: 4; pg: 180 of Imam Ibn Hajr Asqalani Shafai’. The narration of just one narrator with so much contradiction is known as ‘Iztirab’ and to use them as proof is wrong and useless.


Q. 2: The Wahhabiya- Salafiya or Ahle Hadith say: Abu Salma bin Abdur Rahman narrated: “I asked Sayyidah Ayesha about the prayer of Rasul Allah during the month of Ramazan.” She said, “RasulAllah  never exceeded 11 Rakats in Ramazan or in othermonths; he used to offer 4 Rakats- do not ask me about their beauty and length, and then 3 Rakat.” Sayyidah Ayesha further said: “I said: “O Rasul Allah! Why do you sleep before offering the ‘Witr’ prayer?” He replied: “O Ayesha! My eyes sleep but my heart remains awake!” {Sahih al Bukhari; Kitab ut Tahajjud and Kitab Salat ut Taravih} This proves that the Holy Prophet  never read more than 8 Rakats as Taravih and 3 as ‘Witr’. Performing 20 Rakats of Taravih is ‘Biddat us Sa’iya’ {Evil Innovation}.


1st Ans: Imam Ibn Hajr Shafai’ Asqalani writes with reference to Imam Qurtubi: “The Narration of Sayyidah Ayesha in this matter has created many doubts even for the People of Knowledge {‘Ahl ul Ilm’}. That is why, some People of Knowledge declared it to be ‘Disorderly’ {‘Muztarib’}.” {Fath ul Bari; 4: 263}


2nd Ans: This Hadith refers to the prayer of Tahajjud and not Taravih. Because, Sayyidah Ayesha said: “Rasul Allah  never exceeded 11 Rakats in Ramazan or in other months.” The words of Hadith clearly state ‘Ramazan or in other months’ Now, dear readers note that Taravih is offered in Ramazan only and not in other months! And Tahajjud is offered in Ramazan and other months also. So, this Hadith refers to Tahajjud and not Taravih.


3rd Ans: In the last part of this Hadith, Sayyidah Ayesha asks: “Why do you sleep before the ‘Witr’ prayer” These words itself proofs that the Holy Prophet  used to perform these Rakats after waking up. Tahajjud is the only prayer at night which is offered after taking a sleep {Nap}. Therefore, Taravih is performed before sleeping along with Witr and for Tahajjud, one sleeps after the Isha Salah without offering the Witr and then wakes up to offer Tahajjud along with Witr.


4th Ans: One great fact regarding this Hadith is that all the Compilers of Sihah Sittah have mentioned this Hadith in the Book of Tahajjud thus clearly implying and proving that this Hadith only refers to the Tahajjud Salah and that the Taravih Salah is not 8 Rakats. Imam Bukhari with an exception has placed this Hadith at two places in Sahih al Bukhari (i) In the Book of Taravih Salah and (ii) in the Book of Tahajjud because of at least 2 reasons (i). Tahajjud Salah is and can also be performed in the month of Ramazan and (ii) The Hadith also contains the word Ramazan apart from other months.


Imam Malik bin Anas has also placed this Hadith in the Book of Tahajjud Salah in his Muwatta. The student and deputy of Shaykh Ibn Taymiya - Shaykh Ibn Qayim, who is revered and respected by all Wahhabis - Salafis or Ahle Hadiths has also placed this Hadith in the Book of Tahajjud Salah in his book ‘Zaad ul Ma’ad, V: 1; pg: 86!


The Salafiya or Ahle Hadith falsely claim that they follow the Hadiths, but in every Practice of theirs, they prove that they even do not know which Hadith is for which Practice and which Hadith is acceptable and which is not acceptable!!!!! Strange, Isn’t it?


Q. 3: The Salafiya or Ahle Hadith say that offering 20 Rakats of Taravih is ‘Biddat us Sa’iya’ or not proven from the Hadith!


Ans: If 20 Rakats of Taravih was ‘Biddat us Sa’iya’ {Evil Innovation}, then, why did Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab and other numerous noble Sahaba authorised it? Why didn’t the Sahaba oppose such ‘Biddah’? Why did they help Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab to establish and promote something which is contrary to the Sunnah of the Beloved Rasul Allah ? The Wahhabiya should ponder that they are indirectly attacking the noble and pious personalities of the Sahaba, Tabiyin and Tabi’ Tabiyin. We have already mentioned numerous Hadiths and proofs in support of 20 Rakats of Taravih in the previous pages. It is the Salafiya or Ahle Hadith who are going against the Sunnah of the Beloved Rasul Allah  and the Noble Sahaba.