Allama Abul Manzur Hakeem Abdul Majid Usmani Quadri Badayuni - the Author of the Famous book 'Falah e Darayn'

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Allama Abul Manzur Hakeem Abdul Majid Usmani Quadri Badayuni

Family Background

Sayf Allah al Maslul Mawlana Shah Fazl ur Rasul Badayuni (d. 1289 H) requires no introduction in the Indian sub-continent for his extra ordinary services to Islam and Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah among the literary circles. He had two sons:

i. Mawlana Muhyuddin Quadri Usmani (d. 1270 H)

ii. Taj ul Fuhul Mawlana Abdul Quadir Muhib ur Rasul Quadri Badayuni (d. 1319 H)

Mawlana Muhyuddin Quadri had a son named Hakeem Mureed Jilani (d.1297 H) and he had a son named Hakeem Abdul Qayyum Shaheed Quadri Badayuni (d. 1317 H). Hakeem Abdul Qayyum Quadri had two sons:

i. Mujahid e Azadi Hakeem Abdul Majid Usmani Quadri Badayuni (d. 1350 H)

ii. Mujahid e Millat Hakeem Abdul Hamid Usmani Quadri Badayuni (d. 1390 H)


Birth & Education


Allama Mawlana Abul Manzur Hakeem Abdul Majid Badayuni was born on 4th Sha’ban 1304 Hijri, corresponding to 28th April 1887 C.E at Mawlvi Muhalla, Badayun. He started studying under Mawlana Abdul Majid Muqtadari Alunvi and Mufti Ibrahim Quadri Badayuni and completed ‘Dars al Nizami’ under Allama Mawlana Muhibb Ahmad Quadri Badayuni, and Allama Mawlana Shah Abdul Muqtadir Quadri Badayuni. He also studied some books under his father Allama Mawlana Hakeem Abdul Qayyum Quadri ‘Shaheed’ and grandfather Taj ul Fuhul Muhibb ur Rasul Mawlana Abdul Quadir Quadri Badayuni. In 1320 A.H, Mawlana Shah Abdul Muqtadir Quadri Badayuni awarded him the ‘Sanad’ of Completion.


He stayed at Delhi after this for two years and studied ‘Medicine’ under Hakeem Ghulam Raza Khan. In 1322 A.H, he graduated from the Medicine course and was granted a ‘Sanad’ which contained signature of the famous Indian Hakeem Maseeh ul Mulk Hakeem Ajmal Khan.


When Taj ul Fuhul presented ‘Ijazah’ and ‘Khilafa’ to Sayyiduna Shah Abdul Muqtadir Quadri Badayuni, Mawlana Hakeem Abdul Qayyum Quadri made his son – Mawlana Abdul Majid Badayuni the ‘Murid’ of Shah Abdul Muqtadir Qaudri Badayuni. After some time, he was granted ‘Ijazah’ and ‘Khilafah’ in all Religious sciences from his ‘Pir wa Murshid’.


Madrasa Shams ul Ulum


The father of Mawlana Abdul Majid Quadri Badayuni laid the Foundation of ‘Madrasa Shamsiya’ beside Jami` Masjid Shamsi, Badayun and appointed Ustaz ul Ulama Allama Muhibb Ahmad Quadri at the First ‘Sadr Mudarris’ of the Madrasa.


On 11th Safar 1317 A.H/ 22th June 1899, the Inaugural function of the Madrasa was held which was attended by great Sunni Scholars like Taj ul Fuhul Sayyiduna Shah Abdul Qaudir Badayuni, Hafiz al Bukhari Sayyid Shah Abbas Samad Chishti, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi and Allama Wasi Ahmad Muhaddith Surati. This ‘Madrasa’ its functions and served well the interest of local Sunni population for quite some time until the tribulations of time prevented it from further progress.


Mawlana Abdul Majid Quadri Badayuni took special interest in reviving this ‘Madrasa’ and concentrated on its development and progress. Therefore, on 3rd Rabi us Sani 1335 A.H corresponding to 28th January 1917 CE, Mawlana Badayuni purchased a large piece of land in the centre of the city and laid the Foundation stone for expansion of this ‘Madrasa’. Thus, he changed the name of the Madrasa from ‘Madrasa Shamsiya’ to ‘Dar ul Ulum Shams ul Ulum’. This revival of ‘Madrasa Shamsiya’ made it one of the top most Universities of Islamic learning in the Indian subcontinent.


Contribution to National Politics


Mawlana Abdul Majid took keen interest in the Indian National movement and took part in almost all the important and major movements. He was closely involved in the activities of ‘Majlis Khuddam e Ka’ba’ {1912.CE}, ‘Khilafat Committee’ {1919.CE}, ‘Jamiyat ul Ulama’ {1919.CE}, Non Cooperation Movement {1920.C.E}, ‘Tahrik e Tabligh’ {1922.CE}, ‘Tahrik e Tanzeem’ {1924.CE}, ‘Muslim Conference {1929.CE}/


Mawlana Badayuni was the President of the Khilafat Committee {Movement`s} Session`s of Nagpur, Mumbai and Kolkata. Mawlana Badayuni also headed the below, Madaris, Organizations and Committees.

1. Muhtamim, Madrasa Shams ul Ulum, Badayun.

2. Editor in Chief, Mahnama Shams ul Ulum, Badayun.

3. Nazim Jamiyat ul Ulama Hind, United Provinces

4. Member, Markazi Majlis e Khilafat.

5. President, Majlis Khilafat, United Provinces.

6. President, Khilafat Tahqiqat Commission.

7. Member, Wufud Khilafat barae Hijaz.

8. Member, Majlis e Aamma, Muslim Conference.

9. Member, Anjuman Khuddam e Ka`aba.

10. Member, Indian National Congress.

11. Sadr Jamiyat Tabligh al Islam, Agra and Awadh Provinces.

12. Founder Member, Majlis e Tanzim.

13. Founder Member, Jamiyat ul Ulama Hind, Kanpur.

14. Founder and Muhtamim, Matba` Quadri, Badayun.

15. Founder and Chairman, Usmani Press, Badayun.

16. Founder, ‘Dar ul Tasneef’, Badayun.




Bibliography of Mawlana Badayuni’s Works


1. Khulasat ul Mantiq.

2. Khulasat ul Aqayid.

3. Khulasat ul Falsafa.

4. Falah e Daraiyn. This book contains 250 + Hadiths on Daily 'Akhlaq' & 'Adaab' and was translated into English by Basharath Sidddiqui Ashrafi.

5. Darbar e Ilm.

6. Fatwa Jawaz e Urs.

7. Al Qawl ul Sadeed.

8. Awrat aur Quran.

9. Khilafat e Nabwiya.

10. Al Izhar.

11. Fasl ul Khitab.

12. Qustuntuniya.

13. Al Maktub.

14. Dar e Khilafat.

15. Tanzeemi Maqalat.

16. Jazbat ul Sadaqat.

17. Al Istishhad.

18. Kashf Haqiqat e Malabar.

19. Al Khutbat ul Da`ayia lil Khilafat il Islamiya.

20. Aylan e Haq.

21. Samarna ki Khuni Dastan.

22. Khilafat e Islamiya.




Mawlana arrived in Lukhnow for an event organized by ‘Muslim Conference’, his younger son Mawlana Abdul Wahid Quadri Usmani was accompanying him. They stayed at the house of one of their disciples Shaykh Muhammad Nazeer Ahmad. It was here that Mawlana badayuni breath his Last on 3rd Sha`ban 1350 A.H, corresponding to the intervening nights of 13-14th December 1931 C.E.


His Funeral was taken to Badayun from Lukhnow where Allama Ashiq ur Rasul Shah Abdul Qadeer Quadri led his Funeral prayers and he was buried near the blessed feet of his Pir wa Murshid at the southern veranda of ‘Dargah Qadri’ on 15th December 1931 C.E.

Extracted & Compiled by

Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi

for the Translation of Mawlana's book - 'Falah e Darayn'